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Cloud-based applications

Respond to changing market needs in a flash. Leverage cloud technology to develop fast, secure, and scalable software.

Enterprise applications

In business, time is money. Build tailor-made software to increase your employee’s productivity and streamline internal processes.

Custom CRM systems

Improve business relationships. Make the most of customer data with a CRM platform that fulfills your business goals.

Progressive web apps

Keep up in the mobile-first world. Bridge the gap between web and mobile apps and let users enjoy a smooth digital experience.

Single-page apps

Forget delays and distractions. Deliver a seamless user experience with a responsive and high-performant web app that doesn’t require page reloading during use.


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Maya – Documents Tracking Software

NS Gym Software

Atlantis Logistics Software

Logistics Software

It is specially prepared for your logistics business, especially for your logistics sector. FCL, LCL, Freight..
Freight Forwarding and Freight Software Solutions We believe every freight forwarder will go digital in the near future Considering advances in technology and related initiatives are being made to bring together the various members of the supply chain, we see the digital transition as a clear path for this industry and one that gets easier over time. . Our mission is to empower shipping companies through technology and enable them to become the digital shipping companies the future needs.

Monoryum Online Accounting

Monoryum Online Accounting Software

  • Invoice
  • Stocks
  • Cash/Bank Tracking
  • Products Tracking
  • Take Money online

and much more…

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